Highest Customer Satisfaction

Infinity Optical is your comprehensive one stop optical store that meets all your eye care and eye wear needs.
With our convenient eye exams facilities on the premises, get your vision checked and choose from our wide selection of quality eyewear, contact lenses and accessories.

Our Optometrists

Our opticians will deliver you primary eye care including comprehensive, dilated eye exams; contact lens fittings and evaluation, etc.

Our Shop

Our licensed opticians have a depth of experience in the field and will provide the best possible eyewear for your corrective needs in the most affordable prices.

Variety of Frames

Everyone has different needs when choosing eyeglass frames. Proper fit and a style that suits you are probably the two main objectives. Your face size and shape, hair and eye color, and other factors affect your decision.

Lenses available to our Customers

We offer a variety of options in lenses in Infinity Optical from major brands based on an evaluation, so that you get the most comfortable choice. Let us help you to find out the right & healthiest option for you.

For Children's Lenses and Frames

Eye exams for children are extremely important as they will determine the best possible solution for Myopia Control for Children. And wo also provide frame styles kids love for fashion and comfort are always on hand in our Optical department.

Our Patient Satisfaction Promise

We always provide hospitality and professional service to all our customers. We want you to be completely satisfied with eyewear you purchase. And we promise to do everything possible to make sure that you're satisfied with you new glasses.

Find glasses that suit your face shape

Find glasses that suit your face shape !

Choices, choices, choices! How do you narrow down your options to only the frames that will make you look your best?
No worry, our dispensing optician are here to help you!

Find your glasses frame size

Wondering what size glasses to buy? You can easily find your frame size by looking at your current glasses. Our dispensing optician will guide & show you the numbers that appear on your frames - eye size, bridge size, and temple length.

Have a copy of a recent prescription handy

Optical prescriptions expire between one and two years from the date of your last exam, so make sure to visit your eye doctor if it's been longer than that. Regular eye exams are an essential part of ensuring great optical health for life.

Find out what type of lenses you need

Find out what type of lenses you need

Most nearsighted and farsighted people need single-vision lenses, which have only one corrective power. Single vision lenses are also used to for reading glasses, to correct presbyopia (when you have trouble focusing on objects at a close range.)

Understand your lens material options

Understand your lens material options

There are four different materials that you can have your prescription lenses made from, we have answer to any questions you may have about these options.